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The Digital Defenders Group (DDG) is an alliance of compassionate individuals who have joined forces to bridge the gap between the dehumanizing experience of being a victim of cyber and crypto financial terrorism and all potential solutions to champion them to evolve from victims to VICTORS.


DDG's strength lies in its mission of victims supporting victims alongside industry experts who have combined their knowledge, expertise, and strengths to establish a framework that begins with victim engagement and "holding their hand" through the process of reporting their crime to working towards the best possible resolution.


When individuals discover that they have fallen victim to fraud, particularly cyber and crypto crime, they often feel scared and uncertain about how to report the crime effectively or understand their available options.


The Digital Defenders Group supports victims as they navigate the challenging landscape of cyber and crypto crime, helping them make informed decisions.


DDG will explore possible options with you on your journey to achieving justice and sometimes pushing beyond borders, which is often the case as cyber and crypto crime is global financial terrorism feeding on the inadvertent innocent victim who is used as fuel and sometimes as money mule to facilitate funding for organized crime.

"With DDG by your side,you are never alone."


The Digital Defenders Group is dedicated to educating, preventing, and advocating for victims of cyber, crypto, and financial crime. We work with both public and private partners to establish pathways to justice.


Our goal is to guide victims in seeking help from the appropriate authorities, improving the evidence-collection process, and ensuring that their experiences are accurately documented and can be effectively used in legal proceedings to aid in recovering their losses.


Additionally, we strive to prevent cyber, crypto, and financial crimes by raising awareness through online education and cyber tools.

Why We Do What We Do

The world has entered a new era of cybercrime, escalating beyond opportunistic and inflated to organized levels of enterprise crime and financial terrorism.


Consumers are under siege due to the online world exploding from the global pandemic of cybercrime and cryptocurrency crime. In this critical context, the mission of the Digital Defenders Group is more important than ever.

In meeting the community's needs, we express our values as "Of, By, and For 'THE PEOPLE.'"The Digital Defenders Group is victim-centric, accessible, and promotes 'people helping people.'Our goal is to turn victims into victors.


The Digital Defenders Group unites and empowers victims of cyber, crypto, and financial crimes. We advocate for the people and are committed to supporting those traumatized by criminal activity. Our core values dictate that we never judge, ridicule, shame, or blame victims.


We are dedicated to aiding every individual affected as we expand to assist more victims of cyber, crypto, and financial crimes. Our goal is to prevent self-inflicted shame, blame, and despair and to preserve the dignity and integrity of every individual we serve. Together, we remain steadfast in our mission — of, by, and for the people.

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